[] RaidenSLO MODPACK v2


RaidenSLO MODPACK for WoT A small modpack from the author RaidenSLO, at first he created it for himself, because all the fashion in him like the author. But over time the author decided to take up the cause of the founder, and now with the release of the update WoT was developed .exe installer of all the mods included in this assembly.


Here is the full list of modifications in modpack from RaidenSLO:

As can be seen from the list above, modpack only includes the most necessary mods for online WoT games.

V1 ———- 07.02.2018
— XVM 7.4.0 (8204)
— Updated mods for 9.22.0

waiting for Wizard’s Icon Pack update

How to install:

  • Use on clean WOT or manually delete mods and res_mods folder.
  • Start installer and pick your mods.


RaidenSLO_MODPACK_0. (48.1 Mb)

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