[1.4.1] SafeShot (insurance shot by an ally)


A very useful mod that will help you not to get in the ban, for what you have accidentally killed or wounded ally. Modification adapted to the patch World of Tanks. Author mode: Skino88

Mod does not allow shooting at allies and protects you from unwanted fines. Mod «SafeShot» will not give you the possibility to shoot at each other on the pitch.


Hot to install:
Folder from the downloaded archive to put in \World_of_Tanks\res_mods\1.4.1

Download SafeShot:

Safe-Shot-ENG (50 kb)

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8 thoughts on “[1.4.1] SafeShot (insurance shot by an ally)

  1. Michael_Katukov

    Open file with Notpad and change line with new massage on any language you want,save and done! ;)

  2. David

    The messages are in RU. I suggest to use English in a game of international player base if the message should have any impact.

  3. TheDiamondBladeHD

    No permission? Please fix it, ekspoint core doesn’t work with wot 1.0 unlike before 1.0 where i could use it with any version i wanted to.

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