[] sela’s modpack v.

Damage Panel

A powerful collection of the most common and popular mods that are ever created for World of Tanks. In Mod pack includes 14 most famous mods. Install this assembly modifications you immediately feel all the charm of the game with mods. Improved user interface and much more, all of which are not in the standard version of the game.

Mods Included:

  • XVM
  • Locastan’s HD Minimaps (Maps Only)
  • SeaFalcon’s Damage Panel + XVM Hitlog (updated by sela)
  • Locastan’s Session Stats & Colored Messages
  • Safeshot
  • Chat History
  • J1mB0’s Contour Icons (v1)
  • Locastan’s Team HP Pools
  • Locastan’s Allied Tank Outlines
  • PMOD v14/2
  • Direction Box
  • Optimized engine_config.xml
  • sela’s configs

Optional Additions:

  • MeltyMap’s MathMod (Blue / Green)
  • Deegie’s Sights (Blue / Green)
  • J1mB0’s Crosshair
  • Battle Assistant
  • sela-aim (AutoAim+ and AutoAim Extended)
  • OTM Reload
  • Single or Double Row Carousel
  • Default Zoom and NoScroll configs
  • Alternate Serverside Crosshairs
  • Artasan’s White Death

Statistics Form Battle Loading Battle Summary Damage Panel Minimap Over-Target Markers - Normal Players Panel - EnemiesReticle Settings

Changelog v9.14.1

  • Updated XVM to
  • Updated file structure for WoT

Changelog v9.9

  • SeaFalcon’s Damage Panel + XVM Hitlog updated
  • Updated AutoAim+ to latest version

Changelog v9.8.2

  • XVM updated to v6.1.2
  • SeaFalcon’s Damage Panel + XVM Hitlog updated
  • PMOD updated to v16-3, removed session stat/system message functionality
  • Re-added Locastan’s Session Stats
  • Updated AutoAim+ to latest version
  • Updated Locastan’s HD Minimaps

Changelog v9.6.4

  • SafeShot config tweaked
  • Added OTM Reload
  • Updated sela-aim and config
  • Added engine_config.xml to res — this increases in-game performance while increasing load times
  • Added Alternate Files for original/default engine_config.xml and SafeShot Disabled

Installation Instructions:
Make a backup of your «res» and «res_mods» folder in «C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\»
Delete the «res_mods» folder in «C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\»
Copy the contents of the «1. Mod Files» folder into your BASE World of Tanks directory (Default is “C:\Games\World_of_Tanks\")
This means «res_mods» AND «res»!
Merge & overwrite when prompted
Register at http://www.modxvm.com/en/ every 14 days

Manually log out and save your login server by selecting it (as opposed to leaving it on Auto)
Toggle SafeShot (i.e. to shoot an allied tank) by holding down the left Alt key
To enable/disable Allied Tank Outlines, hit Num 1
Auto-equip/de-equip Binocs/Camo Net/Toolbox using F3
Spotted XVM Players Panel Markers:
Red frowney face= never spotted
Yellow meh face = was spotted but is not currently spotted
Green smiley face = currently spotted

Download sela’s modpack:

sela’s modpack v9.17.1 (12.22 Mb)



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