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Sight — Animated-3 is one of the sights of the future. It is in a pleasant semi transparent blue. Visible on any surface. All useful information is displayed for successful use. Your game interface is not overloaded. Enjoy beautiful animation. Executed usual sights version, arcade, animated, art and sniper sight for WoT.
Arcade, animated, art and sniper sight for WoT.

Sight «Animated-3»_2 Sight «Animated-3»_1 Sight «Animated-3»

Updated 08/19/2015:

  • adapted to 0.9.10;
  • Fixed switching type sight in the settings in the game;


  • Zoom sniper.
  • Zoom arcade.
  • Zoom ART ACS.
  • EDM.
  • NoScroll.
  • Digital Drum.
  • The color definition / another.
  • Timer reloading.
  • Direction Indicator damage.
  • Index cooldown enemy.
  • The angles of the horizontal and vertical aiming.
  • The speed of the projectile in Art mode.
  • Index of the strength of the enemy tank.
  • Informative, animated with the reduction of a performance: breaking your shell and thick armor of the enemy.

Copy the folder gui and scripts in WOT / res_mods/, confirming a replacement.


Animated-3 (900 Kb)


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