[1.4.1] Cool sight OverCross for WOT


Cool OverCross sight for WOT 1.4.1, which has become more convenient and minimalistic, now he has got rid of the circle in the arcade sight. Now, instead of for permanent indication, it appears only when the gun is recharged. Thanks to this on your screen arcade sight occupies minimal memory space by displaying only the total recharge time and the word «Ready».

OverCross_1 OverCross_2

Sniper scope in the classical style OverCross. This combination makes it a sight unique and not similar to any other of this line. A complements the whole picture information with a simple elegant breakout indicator, but notice that it is simply impossible.

How to install:
Copy the gui folder and scripts in WOT /res_mods/1.4.1/, confirming the replacement.


sight_overcross_wot.zip (400 KB)

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