[1.4.1] Sight Taipan


Sight Taipan for World of Tanks – this is one of the best sights, which boasts a very good functionality and minimalist design. It has beautiful lights recharge penetration, health and the drum. At first glance, the sight seems to be very large and cumbersome, but after the first battle, you get used to it. He has a normal transparency and you will see the enemy very well.


What information shows the sight:

  • Scale strength tank (right);
  • cooldown
  • total recharge the tank;
  • for visual perception is added as the band cooldown
  • the strength of the tank in% (x tank);
  • distance to the target when you hover over a barrel;
  • ammunition in the form of a fraction (6/36) suitable for tanks with a drum.



YouTube Preview Image

Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT /), confirming the replacement.

Download Sight Taipan:

taipan-world-of-tanks (1.24 Mb)

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