[1.4.1] Sights from Jove for World of Tanks


Easy and accurate sight from the Jovi for World of Tanks

He is one of the most convenient and accurate sights for tanks.

  1. Sight does not load your game space superfluous information through minimalist design and subtle lines
  2. It has convenient central marker with calculator penetration
  3. It has a beautiful design with nice colors for the eyes, which are visible on all maps

Sights_from_Jove_2 Sights_from_Jove_3

In fact Jovi is not the author of the sight, the author – a hare, which is also created and Battle interface from zayaz for World of Tanks from zayaz. It combines very well with that eye, because it is similar to the style.

Copy the gui folder and scripts in WOT/res_mods/1.4.1/, confirming the replacement.


sight-ot-jove.zip (1.98 Mb)

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