[] Sights «Hybrid» + x30 Zoom


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Very not bad popular sight with the possibility of 30 times magnification, in fact a hybrid sight. You can enjoy the sights in the arcade, sniper and artileriyskom modes. Sight «Hybrid» is compatible with the latest update Authors: Mjolnir’S, Jimbos, Soulza

Image-5 Image-3

Sights «Hybrid»:

  • Arcade sight with zoom mod
  • Sniper scope with displaying your projectile penetration and thickness of armor.
  • x30 Zoom in sniper scope
  • Artillery sight with zoom mod for artillery
  • Angle Traverse


  1. Download and unzip
  2. Folders «gui» and «scripts» copy and paste on this path WOT/res_mods/

Download Sights «Hybrid» + x30 Zoom:

Sights Hybrid + x30 Zoom (2.9 Mb)

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