[1.4.1] Skins Esthete — breaking area when you hover tank


The game World of Tanks has over 360 different types of equipment, all of them are penetration zones that are located in different places depending on the type and model of the tank. To make it easier to penetrate the enemy tanks were created skins for aesthetic World of Tanks. Thanks to them, you can forget about the constant no penetration and ricochet.

Unlike other of zones penetration, penetration esthete tanks occupy the area not many places on the tank and thus do not affect his appearance. With these skins breakout of all vulnerable areas will be only outlined with colored contours and appearance of the tank will not suffer.

For greater convenience to the contours of the breakout of of zones has been added and icons that will mark the location of crew members. Therefore, by setting the skin penetration, you can not only successfully to hit enemy tanks, but also in addition contuse any member of the crew without any problems. In our opinion this is one of the best options for the contour of zones breakout of WOT. The archive contains the skins vulnerabilities for tanks 4 through 10 levels. This is one of the biggest packs of skins with areas penetration.


Skins_Esthete_1 Skins_Esthete_2 Skins_Esthete_3 Skins_Esthete_4 Skins_Esthete_5 Skins_Esthete_6

Description vulnerabilities colors:

  • Red — the punched place;
  • Purple — boeukladki contours.
  • Green — motor circuits.
  • Blue — the contours of the fuel tank.

Copy the contents of the archive in World_Of_Tanks/res_mods/1.4.1/.


Skins_Esthete.zip (273 Mb)


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One thought on “[1.4.1] Skins Esthete — breaking area when you hover tank

  1. Paunescu

    Hello. just a little question about the installation of this mod. after copying the folders in respectively “mods” ans ‘res_mods” nothing happens. what is the correct intalation procedure, please?
    thank you

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