Svatekl2 modpack v.Rubicon


modpack from Svatekl2 – this is a good example of a quality collection of add-ons for World of Tanks. Mod pack was created for the players and it includes more than 50 mods ranging from sights and ending Damage Panel. For those who do not know Svatekl2 known blogger in the world of tanks and do not trust his collection of mods makes no sense. Download Svatekl2 modpack we can right now

List of mods:

  • Angles traverse
  • CircleCross Crosshair (Svatekl2 Recommended)
  • Commander + 4x zoom
  • Damage Indicator
  • Damage Indicator V2
  • Damage Panel by Gambiter
  • Colored Damage Stickers
  • Damage Panel by zayaz
  • Deegie1 Crosshair
  • Info panel
  • J1mB0s Crosshair Mod
  • Locastan Minimap
  • Multilined Tanks
  • No Fog
  • No Shadow in Sniper Mode
  • Session Statistics 2 Versions
  • White Wrecked Tanks
  • XVM
  • Zoom Mod
  • WoT Tweaker Plus.093
  • Sixth Sense Pictures
  • Sixth Sense Sounds
  • Armour Calculator
  • Safeshot



Changelog v13.0

  • Updated to work with 9.15
  • Updated many mods
  • Temporarily disabled broken mods

Changelog v9.4

  • Bug with sound disappearing was fixed
  • Tessu mod re-enabled
  • XVM was updated to stable version
  • Cyan Crosshair is back
  • Missions Progress (In Battle) was added
  • Mod to look at tanks you don’t own was added
  • Gnomefathers sound mod was enabled
  • Fixed various bugs there and here

Changelog v7.3

  • Many different updates / changes / fixes
  • Updated to work with 9.8.1
  • Update Notification temporarily disabled

Changelog v6.0

  • Updated to work with patch 9.7
  • Disabled Downloadable Mods temporarily
  • Disabled a few mods that were causing problems
  • Removed 2 mods
  • Added 2 new mods but disabled one of them temporarily

Changelog v5.3

  • Updated all the crosshairs to their latest versions!
  • Fixed many issues with the mod pack and mods!
  • Added J1mbo XVM Settings!
  • Added Anfields XVM Settings!
  • Added new SixthSense pictures!
  • Added Yasen Krasen session stats mod!
  • Fixed many issues with the mod pack!

Download ModPack and run the installer. Select mods and click install.

Download Svatekl2 modpack:

Svatekl2-ModPack (91.51 МВ)

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