[1.4.1] The crosshair Mjolnir «Hammer of Thor»


Set of sights Mjolnir Thor’s Hammer for World Of Tanks 1.4.1 The sight has a very long history, at first it was called Mjolnir, the author of the mod was a player under the nickname «Kriegstreiber». And it was suitable for old versions of the game, but the sight was restored and is now called «Hammer of Thor». The sight turned out to be very convenient and comfortable, new fashion authors tried to restore all of its functions.

The sight differs non-standard design, the usual crosshair with a circle of information is taken away in a rectangle. There are indicators on the corners that inform: about the distance to the target (a very useful addition for accurate shooting), in the lower left corner the schematic icon and data on HP armored vehicles, in the upper right — the magnification of the sight, the lower right — the speed of reloading the gun and the number remaining ammunition.

Hammer_of_Thor_5 Hammer_of_Thor_4 Hammer_of_Thor_3 Hammer_of_Thor_2

The sight has a convenient range of information and many advantages that will be visible on your screen:

  • Health Points
  • Recharge time
  • Zoom
  • Distance to target
  • The amount of your projectiles
  • The enemy reloading time
  • The name of enemy and its combat vehicle in which you aim

The informant of gun readiness to conducting fire is executed in the form of interesting animation. After the shot, when the charger is doing his job, the shell gradually moves from one end of the aiming system to the other, showing at what stage of readiness everything is. This same important information is also duplicated by the circle of information, changing its color.


Pritsel Mjolnir (1.4 Mb)

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