[1.4.1] Damage panel from GambitER v0.4.3


The panel damage from GambitER (DamageLog) is one of the best at the moment. It has a cooldown timer to shoot at your opponent, it allows you to move out without fear on the enemy and inflict damage. In addition, it includes the most convenient and detailed log of the damage that shows even penetration and ricochet. Panel on GambitER has a convenient configuration file that can be used without problems to change the output information, as well as her appearance.


DamageLog — log received, and blocked the damage.

What information display modes:

  • log with the received player hits/damage;
  • a pop-up message with the received player hits/damage;
  • Counter blocked player damage;
  • counter the damage the player/sovzvodnymi;
  • Reverse timer since the last hit.

The modification is in the development stage, performance can not be guaranteed .



  • Install the font.
  • Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT), confirming the replacement.

In the archive you will find a panel with a timer repair modules, it must be put on top of the log of damage, if you install only the panel, you will have the panel itself without a log of the damage taken.

Setting log:

Setting mode is performed in the configuration files, which can be found here: WOT\res_mods\configs\DamageLog\.

  • Blocked.cfg – is responsible for the damage display blocked;
  • Damaged.cfg – responsible for mapping the damage;
  • Sound.cfg – setting sound when disabling modules, crew, fire;
  • Log.cfg – is responsible for the display of the damage;
  • Message.cfg – is responsible for displaying a message on the hit on you;
  • Timer.cfg – reload timer setting you hit the enemy;.

Download Standard panel (DamageLog 0.4.3):

damage-panel-Gambiter.zip (1.57 Mb)


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22 thoughts on “[1.4.1] Damage panel from GambitER v0.4.3

  1. archangels

    Still contains the 9.14 files. Doesn’t display blocked and bounced damage. Not much use in its current form

      1. Archangels

        Great work, however its in Russian right now. I can probably figure out what they all mean, just thought you should know

  2. kalo_voli

    Previous messages of mine are obsolete.

    Got the Mod yesterday, translated it today, posted the translation,

    …and then noticed that the mod is already available in english!

      1. kalo_voli

        Download and install “notepad++” – fortunately it’s a very clean program, free no ads.

        Go to the folder

        … right click on each one file in this folder, select “Open with Notepad++” and rename the contained russian words to the respective english ones.

        Do not translate whatever follows // , as these are comments and do no appear in the game.


        “ricochet” : “рикошет”, // рикошет
        “armor” : “не пробито”, // не пробито
        “resisted” : “без урона”, // без урона
        “damage” : “пробитие”, // пробитие
        “None” : “н/д” // нет данных

        should be changed to

        “ricochet” : “ricochet”, // рикошет
        “armor” : “no penetration”, // не пробито
        “resisted” : “dmg Blocked”, // без урона
        “damage” : “damage”, // пробитие
        “None” : “N/A” // нет данных

        Don’t forget to save the files.

        1. raku

          After I translate to en and save files, I don’t see the message … I change only Message.cfg

  3. Dracius

    Working, but EN version is not in EN but russian. Is there any way how to change the language ?

  4. kevin wiebe

    Is there any chance you can get this to work with a Interface Scale of 2, useful if you are using a 4k monitor. Previously I have been able to edit the x and y values to get this to show up, but with patch 9.15.1 this method no longer works.

  5. bone

    I want to change the position of the two “total damage done” and the “total damage blocked” panels.Which file is responsible for those two so I can change the “y” and “x” values?

    1. bone

      so its the “Blocked” and “Damage” files in the configs/damagelog folder BUT when i change their “y” and “x” values to put them on top of the actual damage log like it used to be, they both just dissapear.how do i move them?

  6. gabriel

    You can move to another part of the screen? now overlies the new log damage

  7. Zeke

    If I try to change the position in the “log.cfg” the damage panel dissapear. It needs to be moved since it covers WG newly implemented log.

    1. FoTL

      I’d realy like to know how to achive this aswell..
      I’m haveing a similer problem…

  8. Tecoberg

    Hi all
    WOT start with a new policy about cheating and this mod has the reload counter from the tank that shot yours and it is forbidden.
    Can the next version cancel this feature or at least put it optional?
    Thanks all.

  9. FoTL

    According to the new terms of service from wargaming the reload timer is a “forbiden” part of the mod and WILL get you banned, no exceptions.

    Is it possible that you can retract that part of the mod and move the dmg_list a bit to the right, so I once again can use it?

    When I try moving it my self it offen disapears.

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