[0.9.13] The new interface hangar (4 options) for WoT


That’s four new interface hangar for World of Tanks 0.9.13, which completely change the interface of a favorite game. This mod completely changes the appearance of windows and buttons. Each version of the new interface is beautiful in its own way and each of them has its own color scheme. Now you only need to choose one from the four proposed and enjoy a new kind of game interface WOT.






Copy the folder gui and scripts from the archive in the WOT/res_mods/0.9.13/, confirming a replacement.

The archive is also the modes font substitution, which was specially developed for this interface. To install it, go to the folder “Extras” and do the following:
Set the font, if the font is installed, replace it.
Copy the folder gui and scripts from the archive in the WOT/res_mods/0.9.13/.

If suddenly you do not like it, return it back, you can delete the file from fontconfig.xml World_of_Tanks\ Res_Mods \ 0.9.13\gui\flash\


P_H_A_R_A_O_N.zip (161.9 Mb)

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3 thoughts on “[0.9.13] The new interface hangar (4 options) for WoT

  1. Marcus

    hi, the P_H_A_R_A_O_N doesn´t work at 0.9.9
    when you open wot you only have an black screen and thats it :(
    please change this because it looks so good at least
    thx :)

  2. Maka92

    guys if u want i have found what filles stop this mod to work….lobby.swf and hangar.swf from flash folder,rest are good :wink: …lincoln mode …don’t know about the others :razz:

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