[1.4.1] The sight in a Marakasi for World of Tanks


Quality sight of Marakasi for World of Tanks 1.4.1
The author of this mod for a long time developing mods for tanks. This mod is suitable for those who do not want to clog computer modpacks. The sight brings a sufficient amount of useful information.

sight_Marakasi_3 sight_Marakasi_2 sight_Marakasi_1

Features of sight:

  • It has armor calculator
  • It is quite minimalistic
  • All colors and fonts are chosen very well
  • Information is colored red while recharging is
  • Scope can be adjusted directly in the game (go to settings)

Copy gui folders and scripts in WOT/res_mods/1.4.1/, confirming the replacement.


sight_marakasi.zip (198 Kb)

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