tom_Cat’s ModPack v.0.1


ModPask tom_Cat — it is quite straight from the tin build mods for World of Tanks, which became very popular among the players on the official game forum and other sites. Small in size but very useful mod pack, which greatly improves the gameplay. Make sure that you can do by downloading tom_Cat’s ModPack. Detailed screenshots of the game interface can be seen below:

tom_Cats_ModPack_2 tom_Cats_ModPack_3 tom_Cats_ModPack_4 tom_Cats_ModPack_9 tom_Cats_ModPack_8 tom_Cats_ModPack_7 tom_Cats_ModPack_6 tom_Cats_ModPack_5


PMOD Package

  • Lot’s of goodiez
  • Session Statistics
  • Custom System Messages — Battle Results
  • Remember last login server / Skip intro video (disabled — managed by XVM)
  • Camera Stabilization
  • Auto Equip replaceable equipment — Toolbox, Camo Net, Binoculars (disabled)
  • Message Cleaner — auto hides messages: «Welcome», “Repairs: “, «The ammunition», «You have not changed your password», «Crew member successfully transferred»
  • Camera Options: no blur (disabled), flashbang, no camera shake, no dynamic camera
  • Free Camera for replays
  • ​Activate with F3 during replay
  • No Binocular effect on zoom
  • Zoom Indicator
  • Zoom In — up to 64x — currently set @16x maximum
  • Zoom Out option (disabled)
  • No Scroll Option (disabled)
  • Scroll Sensitivity (disabled)
  • Custom Server Crosshair (disabled)
  • Battle Chat cleaner / filter (disabled)

Damage Panel by GambitER

  • Standard Damage Panel with advanced log of the hits received

Hell Minimal Hangar Mod

  • The best ducking hangar available!

Korolins Tank Contour Icons

  • The best tank contour icons available


  • Lot’s of goodiez

How To Install:

  1. Backup your current mods from [World of Tanks directory]/res_mods — put the archive somewhere safe
  2. Delete the current contents of [World of Tanks directory]/res_mods — everything that is in the folder
  3. Download tom_Cat’s ModPack
  4. Unzip my modpack in the folder [World of Tanks directory]/res_mods — inside the res_mods folder you should have only 2 folders: 0.9.X and xvm
  5. Activate XVM statistics, details here


tom_Cat’s ModPack (12.19 Mb)

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