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Hello tankers!

We present our great game interface mod called «Vertical Techtree». The mod changes the location of tanks icons in the study tree from horizontal to vertical. WoT mod Vertical Techtree is fully compatible with the latest version of the game client.

Features fashion:

  • Change ugly horizontal tech tree to nice old vertical
  • 8 different vertical layout options
  • 2 horizontal layout
  • New techtree graphic – based on Service Record tab
  • Show hidden, removed premium and special tanks in techtree
  • Enjoy over 450 tanks in your techtree
  • New node graphic options
  • Easy user friendly installation .exe file (manual installation also possible)
  • Nice, centered nations button bar
  • Compatibility with all screen resolution
  • In-game UI mod settings (F8 key)
  • Allows preview for all tanks in game


Johny_Bafak’s_Vertical_Techtree_2 Johny_Bafak’s_Vertical_Techtree_1


  • updated for 9.15.2
  • added new event tanks
  • simplified file structure
  • added new Vertical layout
  • added new lines
  • added 2 new HORIZONTAL layouts
  • added horizontal layout
  • code improvements
  • fixed installer bug
  • fixed modListAPI compatibility bug


Automatic Instalation:
run JBVT.exe
NOTE: install direction must be World of Tanks root folder (no subfolder), ie: «C:\Games\World_of_Tanks»

Manual Instalation:
Copy folder res_mods folder into your game directory folder
You can also use graphic add-ons: choose one and then copy nodesLib.swf into your …/res_mods/ folder
You can also use layout add-ons: choose one and then copy all xml files into your …/res_mods/ folder


Techtree installer (12.31 MB)

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