[] XVM Config by Bones


Another mod player stats for World of Tanks, this time the player «Bones» took all the best from the original XVM.

Bits and pieces of configs and introduced them into their own custom configuration. All useful information without unnecessary graphic elements that will allow the player to receive only the data and not be distracted from the fight.

UPDATE 6 February: Updated to XVM ver. 7.8.0-dev, build 8765 for WoT 1.4.0

BonesXVMConfig1 BonesXVMConfig-minimap BonesXVMConfig

Download and unzip the file
res_mods folder from the archive to put here: …/WoT/

Click here to enable XVM Stats

NOTE: XVM’s developers have made a SIGNIFICANT change to this mod’s directory structures. Unpack this mod archive now into the game’s root /games/World_of_Tanks/ folder! If you unpack the contents into the /res_mods/ folder as has been done up to this point, XMV will NOT work!

Dowload XVM Config by Bones:

Bones XVM Config (w/WN8 & HP in Player Panels) (8.03 Mb)
Bones XVM Config w/o stats (8.03 Mb)

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