[] XVM configuration from Ms_Ramis v.1


Beautiful realization XVM configuration (olenemetra) for World of tanks of Ms_Ramis will give you an unusual approach to setting up an integrated fashion eXtended Visualization Mod. Changes were practically all components of the modification.

XVM_Ms_Ramis_6 XVM_Ms_Ramis_5 XVM_Ms_Ramis_4 XVM_Ms_Ramis_2 XVM_Ms_Ramis_1

Minimap has been improved, redesigned the output statistics of the participants of the battle, a detailed log of the damage has been added, the icon appeared on the tanks of players depending on the level of their game, famously realized in the light lamopchku sixth sense. In general, if you’re tired of your old config olenemera, and you want them to change for a long time, then the implementation of Ms Ramis, the best way to cope with this task.
What do you get after installing the mod:

  • Clock in a hangar
  • 3D tanks icons
  • A mark on the trunks
  • Moderate damage
  • Markers on the tanks
  • Contour tank icons
  • Carousel tanks
  • Lamp 6 senses
  • Improved mini map


  • XVM /// updated version v_632 # 6
  • upgraded tanks icons
  • HP updated the General Command bar
  • restructured «Carousel tanks» in the installer
  • Fixed minor bugs

Run the installer and follow the instructions.


Ms_RamiS_XVM.rar (68.79 MB)

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One thought on “[] XVM configuration from Ms_Ramis v.1

  1. Alejandro

    buenas, una consulta, Este mod sirve para la actualización del 28/07???, desde ya gracias

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