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XVM: eXtended Visualization Mod — is a mod to change the combat interface popular online game World of Tanks. At the moment, this mod is used by more than 3 million people around the world. XVM — completely free add-on open source.

Since its creation until today XVM actively progressing and perfected, it has a number of useful features. That’s what he is able to:
Vehicle Markers (OverTargetMarkers)

Damage Log (HitLog)

Sixth Sense «lamps»

Customizable Player Panels: Stat Tables and Loading Screen

Clan and Player Icons

Modified Base Cap Indicator

Minimap Mod




  • [GENERAL] World of Tanks 1.0
  • [SOUNDS] new options «sounds»/«xvm_gunReloaded» — the sound of the end of recharging the gun.
  • [HANGAR] removed option «hangar/hangarType» and section «hangar/camera»
  • [PYTHON MACROS] damageLog: added macro {{hitTime}}
  • lines on the minimap implemented (circles are not yet)


  • Fixed the minimap


  • adaptation to WoT
  • added option “camera”/”startZoom” – start zoom value (null for default behavior – last used zoom)
  • added macros {{xtdb}}, {{c:xtdb}}, {{a:xtdb}}, {{v.xtdb}}, {{v.c_xtdb}} – average damage in XVM Scale


  • update for latest WoT minipatch


  • adaptation to WoT 0.9.8
  • config loading refactoring
  • new options:
    “crewReturnByDefault” – return crew check box is selected by default
    “enableEquipAutoReturn” – removable equipment auto-return (Camouflage net, Stereoscope, Toolbox)
    “minimap”/”showCameraLineAfterDeath” – show camera line after death
    “minimap”/”minimapAimIcon” – path to icon for arty aim
  • option “playersPanel”/”removeSquadIcon” moved into panel mode settings (sections “short”, “medium”,
  • “medium2″, “large”) * removed obsoleted option “fragCorrelation”/”hideTeamTextFields”


  • added new section in config sounds.xc, where you can setup extra sounds;
  • bugs fixed;
  • added some languages in the personal cabinet.


  • performance optimization;
  • added new macro {{battletype}} — current battle type;
  • added texts/battletype section with text replacements for {{battletype}} macro;
  • added texts/topclan section with text replacements for {{topclan}} macro;
  • added new carousel macros:
    {{v.xpToElite}} — XP required for elite vehicle
    {{v.xpToEliteLeft}} — XP left to gain for elite vehicle
    {{v.freeXP}} — free XP;
  • macros formatting:
    added «’» flag for thousands separator (hangar only)
    added «match» part for value matching ({{battletype=clan?CLAN WAR}})
    allowed operators: =, !=, >, >=, <, <=;
  • added option minimap/labels/units/antiAliasType — text fields antialias type.
  • new option battle/allowSpottedStatus — enable {{spotted}} macro in players panels and minimap. WARNING: performance expensive
  • new option hangar/allowExchangeXPInTechTree — consider the exchange of experience with gold in tech tree
  • new option battle/sixthSenseIcon — path to sixth sense icon (“” for original icon).

How to install XVM:

  1. First you need to download the files modification.
  2. Then, just unzip the downloaded archive mode and place files in the folder with the game World of Tanks.
  3. Modification is installed and ready to use with built-in settings.
  4. Register at http://www.modxvm.com/en/ every 14 days

Download XVM Full:

XVM 7.8.1 (9.2 Mb)

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