[] XVM Updater 2.9 — Automatic installation/update XVM


XVM Updater is a little tool allowing you to install the eXtended Visualization Mod (XVM) for the first time or to update it to its latest version. It will automatically download the required files from the official XVM site, detect your WoT folder all by itself and perform the installation with only one click. It also includes a lot of cool and handy features in an user-friendly GUI.


  • Automatic installation folder detection
  • Old XVM configuration boot file backup
  • Version selection menu (test releases, nightlies, …)
  • Easy configuration selection
  • Easy J1mb0 (full package: XVM config + Crosshair) installation
  • 9 languages: English, French, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Hungarian, Finnish and Dutch

XVM Updater v2.8

  • Adaptations for the new XVM release: * Removed the “show win chances” option. * Removed the “enable stats” option.

XVM Updater v2.7.2

  • Switched from Windows ShellUnzip to Abbrevia TAbUnzipper.
  • Fixed the bug causing the wrong detection of the WoT installation directory.
  • Optimized application icon and reduced EXE size.

XVM Updater v2.7.1

  • Added CONFIG_RTC in order to provide backward compatibility with the older configuration boot files.
  • Minor graphical changes.
  • Minor code optimizations.


  1. Download and run
  2. Choose the correct version of XVM
  3. Click the Install / Update

Download XVM Updater 2.9:

XVM_Updater (630 Kb)

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