[1.4.1] Yellow sight from Andre_V for WOT


A remarkable sight for the World of Tanks from Andre_V is made in yellow tones. The sight provides all the information you need and works with the latest version of WOT 1.4.1. Downloading the archive you will find English and Russian versions of the sight, besides the sight works both in arcade and sniper modes. Informative information showing the angle of occurrence of the projectile and the armor calculator.

633-min-580x374 69-min-580x377 68-min-580x461

When the gun is fully charged, the animation turns on – a translucent yellow circle that comes from the central marker in the form of an impulse, now you do not miss the time for a full recharge. The video does not yet have new information, with it the scope is much more useful. Be sure to install and test it.
How to install:
Download and unpack the scope
Copy the mods folder to the game folder (WOT /), confirming the replacement.



Pricel Yellow (700 KB)

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