[1.4.1] Zoom mode (maximum distancing camera)


Zoom mode — ZOOM (maximum distancing camera) — Camera mode, which allows you to postpone it to a very great distance. This will allow to explore the entire map from a height, to see how the battle positions of friendly and enemy tanks. A very useful thing for the real professionals. Use the zoom mode will be very useful in any type of fighting. After all, owning the information about what is happening on the battlefield, can help you make the right decisions.


In this version of mod to zoom artillery made a little more, now you will be even easier to track down the enemy tracer art and kill them before they can do damage to your allies. He also helps to quickly move around the map and see the situation on the battlefield more clearly.
Copy the gui folder and scripts in: /WOT/res_mods/1.4.1/.

Setting mode:
The configuration file mod is here:: /WOT/res_mods/1.4.1/gui/avatar_input_handler.xml.

To configure the camera remotely in arcade mode are looking <arcadeMode> line on:
<DistRange> 2250 </distRange> — the lower and upper range values of distancing;
<ScrollSensitivity> 5 </scrollSensitivity> — sensitivity to scroll;

You can also adjust these parameters and to art mode — <strategicMode>.

Download Zoom mode:

zoom-mod.zip (86 kb)



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5 thoughts on “[1.4.1] Zoom mode (maximum distancing camera)

  1. Kirjiel

    Can’t download the file, it says “You don’t have permission to access /zoom/maximum_distancing_camera/res_mods/ on this server.”

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