[9.20] Zoom + ZoomX + NoScroll + Zoom Indicator


Mod all in 1: Zoom + ZoomX + NoScroll + Zoom Indicator for World of Tanks add all these modes and you will not need to install them separately. All of them are adapted to the new patch.

In total, the archive you will find 4 mods:

  • NoScroll-mod scroll modes
  • Zoom-mod mod commander camera
  • ZoomX-mod 10-way sniper scope
  • LED zoom multiplicity

They all have default settings and are configured in the WOT/res_mods/0.9.17.x/gui/there are .xml files, open them, read the comments, and customize as you need.

Which file is responsible for what:

  • avatar_input_handler.xml — zoom modes;
  • NoScroll.xml — No Scroll;
  • ServerCross2.xml — server scope;
  • ZoomIndicator.xml — the zoom indicator is in sight;
  • ZoomX.xml — multiplicity sniper scope (can be increased up to x30);

To install this mod gui copy folders and scripts from the archive to a folder: /WOT/res_mods/9.20/.


zoom-zoomx-noscroll-zoom-indicator.zip (300 Kb)


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